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Friday, July 07, 2006

Upcoming Shows

Element at Java J's
Featuring work by Todd Shanafelt, Robyn Stoller, and Jill Zimmer

Threads in Space at Susan Hensel Design
A show of mostly three dimensional fiber

Garden Tour at Minnetonka Center for the Arts
See some of the loveliest gardens in the Lake Minnetonka Area.

The Dad Show at Northrup King Building
a living memorial in honor of Harold A. Pryor the father of Minneapolis artist Patrick K. Pryor

Rosalux Gallery's Bi-Annual Benefit Exhibition 'Green' at Rosalux Gallery
Closing reception and raffle drawing on Sat., August 5 from 7-11 p.m
7/25/2006 - 8/5/2006

Rosalux Gallery's Bi-Annual Benefit Exhibition 'Green' at Rosalux Gallery
Closing reception and raffle drawing on Saturday, August 5 from 7-11 p.m
7/25/2006 - 8/5/2006

Connections at Premier Gallery
Watercolors by Konstantin Berkovski, Katia Andreeva, and Sergei Iourov

Young Bob at Icebox Quality Framing & Gallery
Early photographs of Bob Dylan by John Cohen
5/13/2006 - 8/26/2006

New Orleans in Edina: a Transplanted Native's Work in Beads at Edina Art Center
Features jewelry created by Kim Gernsbacher Swiler
7/6/2006 - 7/8/2006

Raw: Unfired Clay Installations at Northern Clay Center
Featuring Walter McConnell, Kristen Morgin, and Clare Twomey
7/14/2006 - 8/27/2006

Otricoli Gardens: Searching for Language at Groveland Gallery
Paintings and drawings by Joyce Lyon
6/9/2006 - 7/29/2006

Another Minneapolis – Paintings by Rebecca Silus at The Annex Groveland Gallery
6/9/2006 - 7/29/2006

Words Of Wisdom: Words that Guide at Edina Art Center
Featuring calligraphy
7/13/2006 - 8/22/2006

Making Life Beautiful at Two Rivers Gallery
Featuring Painters, Sculptors, Sketchers, and Printmakers
5/11/2006 - 7/14/2006

Choreographic: Images of Movement at Minnesota Center for Photography
6/17/2006 - 8/13/2006

The Art of Dr. Seuss – A Retrospective Exhibition at Jean Stephen Galleries
8/1/2006 - 8/31/2006

Garden of Earthly Delights: an exhibition of creative collectables at Inside Out Gallery @ Interact Center

Katherine Turczan: Promise of Recovery at Franklin Art Works
Color photographs depicting the people, structures and landscape of the Crimea region in modern-day Ukraine
6/10/2006 - 7/29/2006

MCAD Faculty Show at Art Center at Minnetonka Center for the Arts
The Minnetonka Center for the Arts and MCAD faculties trade venues for multimedia exhibits of art by the professional artists/teaching staffs of both educational organizations.
6/23/2006 - 7/21/2006

Summer Arts Camp Kids Art Show at Minnetonka Center for the Arts
Our youngest artists display the work they created in Summer Arts Camp in the Miles Gallery.
8/3/2006 - 8/25/2006

Seascapes to Snowflakes: An Artistic Migration from the Shores of California to the Lakes of Minnesota at AZ Gallery
Oil on canvas by Karen Mazzarella
7/7/2006 - 7/30/2006

Rocketman at Bloomington Art Center
Featuring the rocket powered creations of Ky Michaelson
8/4/2006 - 9/8/2006

Minnetonka Center for the Arts Faculty Exhibition Show at MCAD Gallery
6/2/2006 - 7/16/2006

Four McKnight Artists Exhibition at MCAD Gallery
7/7/2006 - 8/3/2006

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle: Blinking Out Of Existence at Rochester Art Center
6/23/2006 - 9/23/2006

Simon Huelsbeck at Flanders Contemporary Art
6/9/2006 - 7/8/2006

Art Car Artists: Off Road at Outsiders and Others
Featuring off-road art by art-car artists
7/1/2006 - 7/29/2006

Rachel Mayer and Jeff Lohaus at Paul Whitney Larson Gallery
Painting and sculpture
6/8/2006 - 7/20/2006

Toby Sisson at FiveTwoSix Gallery
Drawings and Encaustic Paintings
7/6/2006 - 8/1/2006

Greta Pratt: Using History at Gallery 13
6/10/2006 - 7/19/2006

Untitled V at Soo Visual Arts Center
The fifth annual juried show
6/30/2006 - 8/12/2006

The Distribution of Sensibility, v. II and Peter Friedl - Playgrounds at Midway Contemporary Art Gallery
6/17/2006 - 7/22/2006

Gee's Bend Quilters Collective at Bockley Gallery
6/23/2006 - 7/22/2006

Paintings by Alexandra Rozenman at AZ Gallery
8/4/2006 - 8/26/2006

Hot Off The Press at Highpoint Center for Printmaking
A printshop cooperative exhibition
6/30/2006 - 8/26/2006

The Stencil Show at Stevens Square Center for the Arts
Featuring paper-cut stencils and mixed media
6/30/2006 - 7/30/2006

Born by the River:People of the Mississippi River Towns at Red Wing Framing Gallery
Ron Merchant's traveling art exhibit
6/29/2006 - 7/29/2006

ARTSOURCING: An International Consortium of Outsourcing Artists at The Soap Factory
Featuring Gabriela Bertiller, Luis Fitch, Alexa Horochowski, Douglas Padilla, Xavier Tavera, and Marcela Rodriguez; Curated and created by Grupo Soap del Corazon
7/1/2006 - 8/13/2006

Dance, Dance, Dance at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts
Celebrating dance through visual imagery including print, painting, photography, and sculpture
6/30/2006 - 7/9/2006

Society of Minnesota Sculptors Juried Exhibition at Hopkins Center for the Arts
6/29/2006 - 7/30/2006

Uncharted Water at Hopkins Center for the Arts
Five artists working in water-based media
6/29/2006 - 7/30/2006

Mary Reid Kelley: Paper Union at Christensen Center
7/14/2006 - 9/8/2006

By a Thread: Recent Sculpture by Randy Walker at Gage Family Art Gallery
7/14/2006 - 9/8/2006

Twenty Years in America: Zoran Mojsilov at Flanders Contemporary Art
7/15/2006 - 9/9/2006

Nature: Kellie Rae Theiss at Douglas-Baker Gallery
6/26/2006 - 8/11/2006

Current Works: Susan Opitz and Andrew Braunberger at Mira Gallery
7/8/2006 - 8/4/2006

Artists In Heat – A Summer Salon at Opening Night Gallery
Featuring new works on canvas by Loren Chantland, Steve Hartman, and Lonnie Cutts
7/1/2006 - 9/10/2006


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