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Friday, July 14, 2006

Need Participants for Selection Committee Meeting

>From: "Rebecca Thayer"
>Subject: Need Participants for Selection Committee Meeting
>Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 12:32:34 -0500
>Hey All,
>Kelli has folks approved to move into #223. So we need to have an
>Artists Selection Committee meeting. Sasha does photography and
>is studying to be an architect.
>Scott is going to be in town this weekend only, so I am trying to
>a meeting together for this weekend. If anyone is available either
>Saturday Morning around 9AM/10AM or Sunday before 2:00 PM, please
>me (my internet is down). When you leave the message, let me know
>which time works better for you. I'll pick the day and time that
>people can attend.
>Let me know if you have any questions (please call).
>Phone (check list)
>P. S. Just a reminder that there's a Board Meeting this Sunday at
>7:30 PM for anyone that is interested.


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