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Saturday, March 18, 2006

General Community Announcements

Loft 102 wishes to make two announcements

1) On Saturday March 25 we will be holding our 13th Cows Come Home Party (a private Party). IF we get to loud please let us know and we will tell our herd to lower the Mooosing.

2) On Sunday 26 we will be holding a public gathering in behalf of two of our friends outside of the co-op George and Anne Wilner. These two friends are Watkin's distributors and are inviting you all to attend a tasting party to promote the Watkins line of extracts and cooking resources. This has the theme of: A Taste of Pizza. Pizzas of the following varieties will be presented: Breakfast Pizza, vegetarian Pizza, Traditional Pizza, and Dessert Pizza.

The event will run from 2 until 4 pm and our front door will simply be open for you to wander in to join us.


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